Board of Directors

Ole-Reinhart NotøChairman of the Board

Ole-Reinhart Notø has long and broad experience from working as a corporate lawyer for several companies. He is specialised within mergers and acquisitions and contractual Law. Ole-Reinhart Notø has a degree from the Faculty of Law , University of Bergen and a Masters Degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH).

Ola Volstad, Member of the Board & Owner

Ola Volstad is the Owner and the Head of the  Volstad Maritime Group of companies. Mr. Volstad is a mechanical/marine engineer by trade and has over 30 years of experience in maritime operations both from sailing offshore and from managing vessels onshore. His strong knowledge of marine operations has been instrumental in building Volstad Maritime as the preferred choice for Charterers who demand the highest level of performance from the vessels and managers.

Finn Syversen, Member of the Board 

Finn Syversen has 30 years of experience from the business. His previous positions include working with financing of fisheries and other related businesses at Nordea (Formerly Kredittkassen) abroad and in Norway. Along with an education from Bedriftsøkonomisk Institutt Finn brings solid experience from having worked with the Offshore Supply sector since its inception. He has previously been the CFO and  later CEO of Volstad Management AS, and is currenty the Commercial Director of the Volstad Maritime Group of companies. His employment in the Volstad Group goes back to 1998.