Volstad Maritime AS is a privately owned Norwegian Company, which both own and operates vessels in the following sectors: Seismic Exploration, Diving, Offshore IRM and Construction.

The Company’s office is located on the Western Coast of Norway, in the maritime hub of Aalesund.  The subsidiary, Volstad Management AS performs all management services in-house (including operational, technical, commercial, and administrative services.)

Our Values

Volstad Management’s core values are respect for people, passion for our industry and to be a reliable and preferred partner. The company’s policies and QHSE Management System guide all employees to act in line with these values and comply with relevant laws and regulations.


We have several environmental aspects for our fleet. The impact on our environment during normal operation are resource consumption, emissions to air and discharges to sea and waste.

We aim to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption (reduction in baseline by 2% in 2023 – average for fleet)
  • Reduce chemical consumption by 15% in the period 2022 – 2023 compared to 2021 figures. 
  • Reduce plastic waste onboard our vessels, by providing re-usable bottles and ordering less bottled water.

We have installed Høglund Ship Performance Monitor in connection with Yxney/Maress. The system gives us relevant data to use in our monitoring of our environmental impact and to reach our targets for a better climate. Maress is a real-time software which gives the crew the possibility to see the immediate effect of energy efficiency measures taken, as reduced energy consumption and related emissions.

Waste procedures are implemented onboard each vessel according to MARPOL regulations. To reach our target when it comes to reduction of food waste, we have implemented Seagull Computer Based Training (CBT) for our catering personnel on how to manage the purchase, production and food management in general.

A major part of our environmental impact is combustion of fuel- and lube oil. One of our main focus is to improve operation with regards to energy management in order to reduce our fuel consumption.

Our campaign to purchase less bottled water has been initiated onboard one vessel. The vessel now uses water dispensers and reusable bottles.